"For the more than twenty years I have known Lowell, he has been a mentor and role model to me and the companies I run. He has helped us develop a deep sense of purpose."

"Personally, that sense of purpose has helped guide me as I balance family, business, and my place in the world. In my companies, it has increased my belief that what we do is meaningful and that what each one of us does makes a difference in the world. More recently, members of my family have engaged Lowell as they seek to realize goals and aspirations. But most importantly, as I stepped down as CEO of a large company, Lowell guided me as I embarked on a new challenge: once again from the beginning."

Harry A. Hill

Serial Entrepreneur; Former CEO and current board member of Oak Lawn Marketing/Shop Japan; President and CEO of Better-U; President UFC GYM Japan

Testimonials from Fellow Never-Too-Laters

Listen to the success stories of people like you who have pursued and achieved high-stake dreams.

"For seventeen years Lowell has served as an informal advisor for myself and my colleagues. Lowell helps us make sound decisions that are credible and have a tangible long-lasting impact.

I am pleased to hear that Lowell is now devoting a formal part of his time to helping people achieve their goals."

Mike Alfant

CEO and Founder, Fusion Systems Group

"Lowell Sheppard is a leader of great personal integrity and vision, and through his diverse academic and professional background has become a thought leader.

He is an excellent and thought-provoking keynote speaker and university lecturer, who brings compassion, humor, and a great deal of experience to a wide variety of subjects. His track record of achieving audacious goals is noteworthy."

Dr Joseph Haldane, B.A. Hons, Ph.D. (London), F.R.S.A., F.R.A.S.

Chairman & C.E.O, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR);  Guest Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), Osaka University;  Co-Director, The OSIPP-IAFOR Research Center, Osaka University;  Visiting Professor, Doshisha University;  Visiting Professor, The University of Belgrade;  Member, World Economic Forum Experts Network (Global Governance)

"There are moments in life where we reach a fork in the road, or for some of us, the momentum slows down and we start to ask some important questions; What’s next? or Is this it?"

"Lowell Sheppard has been there, and he found a fresh & powerful way to trigger change along his own journey. It begins with embracing the idea that 'it’s never too late'."

"As I move forward on my own journey, Lowell’s perspective, and the secrets he reveals in his programs, help to guide me on my mission to do well, and do ‘good’."

Paul Dupuis

CEO & Chairman Randstad Japan; Best-selling author ‘The E5 Movement - Leadership Through the Rule of Five'

"Lowell has an amazing ability to challenge those around him to greater purpose and impact, without judging anyone for their current status or level of awareness. He brings sensitivity, spirituality, wisdom, and laughter to deeply complex situations, enabling those around him to discover the best solutions for themselves."

"I believe corporations of all sizes will benefit greatly from Lowell’s talent for identifying the impact of decisions and helping to navigate toward sustainable cultural, environmental, and societal improvements."

Rob Claar

CEO & Co-Founder, HekaBio K.K. and Vorpal Technologies K.K.;  Board Director, Yokohama International School;  Board Chair, Hope International Development Agency Japan

“If you want an example of how to follow your own guiding spirit in life and work, spend some time with Lowell Sheppard!"

"I first met Lowell through his activities as Founder and Director Japan and Asia Pacific for Hope International, and I have been consistently impressed by his ability to combine a practical, business-like outlook with a principled, ethical approach. He is able to motivate teams and keep them focused on achieving their objectives without losing contact with their moral compass - qualities which are increasingly in demand in our rapidly changing business environment.”

David Syrad

Co-founder and Director Flowgen GmbH;  Co-founder and Managing Partner CBI Partners KK;  Chairman Rhino Rugby Japan;  Japan Contact for the Royal Commonwealth Society